Make Your Own Butter!

Is there anything more magnificent than butter? When I was a (n admittedly very weird) little kid, one of my favorite delicacies was the cold butter sandwich. I eventually moved on to cold butter and peanut butter sandwiches, which is also very weird (but delicious to my five-year-old palate).

Julia gets it.

Now, it is absolutely way cheaper to buy butter from the store than to make your own. Heavy whipping cream is pretty expensive.

But what do you do when you get back from the grocery store only to realize you bought an extra carton of heavy whipping cream for a recipe when you already had one in the fridge?


We aren’t fans of wasting food here at Chef & Pauper, especially dairy. I decided the best way to make use of that extra heavy cream that would perish before I got around to using it was to turn it into delicious, herby, garlicy butter!

Here I go!

Don’t worry. Making your own butter isn’t nearly as labor-intensive as it used to be. My favorite method is to use my kitchenaid to whip that cream into submission (and turn it in to butter)!

Future butter!

You can use a hand mixer as well, but be warned, this process takes forever.

Once you’ve poured your cream into your mixing bowl, use the whisk attachment to whip it. Whip it good.

After a minute or two, you’ll notice you’ve made whipped cream! Feel free to just add sugar or honey and disregard the rest of this tutorial if you’re feeling more sweet than savory. I’m not here to judge.

Stage 1: Whipped Cream


You basically just want to keep beating it. The entire process takes about 10 minutes, but it feels like 20 years or so.


When you get to this point you might think you’re done, but you’re wrong! You still have a few minutes to go!

Getting closer!

You’ll know your butter is done when it has separated into a solid and a liquid.

Mmmm! Butter!

Now, squeeze the butter into a sieve to remove the excess buttermilk.

Buttermilk literally comes from making butter. #themoreyouknow

I saved my buttermilk to make biscuits for Brian the next day (we are serious about not wasting food here folks!).

Put the butter back under the mixer and add some minced garlic, salt, and herbs (to taste). Once your flavorful additions are evenly distributed, pack your butter into a container and toss it in the fridge!

You self-sufficient badass, you!

Or you can, of course, just start binging on your new creation right away!


25 thoughts on “Make Your Own Butter!

  1. I am such a huge fan of your original blog and am so happy you have found new love and new ways to share with us!!! Very much appreciated!!
    Just love your stories!!!

  2. You rock, Jillian!!! I, too, am of the school of no wasting of the food. I LOVE THIS IDEA. Now I have excuse to buy that KitchenAid mixer I have my eye on. Thanks for the great blogs. Love the new guy…you look very happy together!!!

  3. I’ve also been wanting to make homemade “garlic butter” for use when making garlic toasts. I noticed you said add ingredients “to taste” but can you make a recommendation as to how much garlic, spice, etc to use per container of cream? It seems when making garlic toast, sometimes the flavor is lost by time it is broiled or baked. Your thoughts?

    1. Brian here! How much do you love garlic? I would say for the amount of cream shown in this post 4-6 cloves minced nice a small (or put through a garlic press) would be perfect. As for dried spices, I would go much more than about a half of a tablespoon.

  4. I just opened your email and remembered that I had a quart of heavy whipping cream in the fridge….so I went over and made some butter!!!!….Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. Love the direction you and Brian are going. Very user friendly advice! When my kids were little we made butter at school in which we used a jar and you just keep shaking it. Not a bad idea if you want to use some of those extra butter calories!

    1. I worked in child care for many years and we always used to make butter in jars at least once every summer…as well as baggie ice cream…those memories are so sweet!!!

  6. I remember eating bread with butter and some white sugar sprinkled on top. That would be plain white bread – – not toasted. But on the toasted, it was butter, cinnamon and sugar!

    1. (Ages ago) My mom would make sugar butter on white bread for us as a snack! It amazed me that not every kid had that for a snack after school.

      1. i can one up that. when my mom used to make chicken (whole bird cut down), baked in the oven, shed use a cake pan & when she was done she’d take the chicken out & left behind would be all the liquid grease (until it cooled so you had to act fast) & brown bits. my brothers & i used to lay pieces of white sandwich bread in the grease, let it soak it up for a second or two, pull it out & sprinkle sugar on top. we called it ‘chicken bread’. that was like the best treat in the world. we are all in our 40’s-60’s now & our arteries are just fine.

  7. I’m feeling especially creative right now I guess….I just made Scalloped Potatoes with my butter that I made today!….I can smell it cooking!!!….Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  8. When I did in home day care we made butter out of whipping cream. Clean jars with lids and 2 clean marbles per jar…that’s the secret! Each child took home a homemade jar of butter as a Christmas gift. I still remember those kids shaking the jars in the air and rolling the jars on the floor. And the looks on their faces when it changed from liquid to butter (apparently they didn’t believe me). Lol.

    The secret is the marbles. They help cut down the time tremendeously.

    Then the hard part begins – rinsing the butter thoroughly and stirring in the salt to make it last longer.

  9. Jillian,
    This may sound like I am copying Joanna from above me but I love your blog(s)!! I LOVE Refashionista and I LOVE this one too! Keep up the great work! I love the idea of not wasting food !

  10. Chiming in to say we have also had success making it in a glass mason jar! We put in a (clean) marble and the cream and the kids and I took turns shaking it up. It was hard but it worked!!!!!!

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