Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

When we first met, we bonded over a shared love of food and cooking. When we realized we’re both of above-average competence and daring in the kitchen, we practically stopped eating in restaurants, as the dishes we were making were every bit as good (if not better!).

A lot of folks don’t cook at home much. We’re busy. We’re tired. Ingredients can be expensive, and what if you mess up a recipe? Sometimes it’s cheaper to just eat out!

Chef & Pauper is here to challenge that, and to challenge you.

If you have the time, a somewhat sophisticated palate, the desire to be a better home chef AND save money at the same time, you’re probably going to like our blog.

Now…a few disclaimers:

We aren’t here to help you save time in the kitchen.
Sometimes good food takes time, and here at Chef & Pauper we’re cool with that. Some techniques are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Whatever. We’re up for it. Revel in the process.

We aren’t here to help you eat healthier.
We’re big fans of cheese, wine, more cheese, olive oil, meats, desserts, and many many fatty things. Occasionally, we’ll feel guilty and make more healthful choices, but here at Chef & Pauper, we’re more focused on living deliciously than counting carbs.

We ARE here to help you dine well and inexpensively.
We’re going to be teaching you lots of awesome cooking techniques, tips, and tricks to quench your champagne taste on a beer bottle budget. Your friends will be begging to be invited over for dinner!


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