Anything Hash

Hello friends! As always, it is good to be back!

Well, the times continue to be interesting indeed. Today, I’d like to carry on in the same vein as our last post and show you my absolute favorite way to use leftovers.

I can’t honestly remember when I started doing this but I seem to have a vague recollection of my dad doing this when I was young. I’m talking about what I like to call “Anything Hash.”

What is anything hash, you ask? It’s really just crispy hash browns or home fries with whatever leftovers you have in the fridge added in! Because this recipe I’m about to show you will vary for everyone, I’d really like you to focus on the method for making the potatoes nice and crispy!

With that being said, let’s get started! I hope you’re hungry!

This is all you’ll need!

My ingredient list for today:

  • 3 yellow potatoes
  • olive oil
  • leftovers
  • salt
  • pepper

Pretty easy, huh? This one is all about the technique!

The first step is to chop up the potatoes as evenly as you can. You want the pieces to be bite size and as uniform as possible so they cook evenly.

Peeled or not peeled, that is the question.

I didn’t peel these potatoes because, well, I just didn’t feel like it. Honestly, they only time I really peel potatoes is if I’m, making something that I want to be perfectly white or if I’m making something like gnocchi. But I’m not the boss of you, so if you want peeled potatoes, then peel away!

Next, go ahead and toss those little chunks into a pot and cover with cold water. Toss in a bit of salt (don’t worry about putting in too much salt, potatoes can soak up a TON of salt before you overdo it), and get them to a simmer on the stovetop.

Bloop, bloop

If you’re short on time you can put your potatoes in a microwave safe bowl, cover with plastic wrap and cook for 5 to 7 minutes (depending on the strength of your microwave). Why are we cooking the potatoes before we fry them up? Great question!

Once these babies get tossed in a pan coated with olive oil, the outside of the potatoes will cook much faster than the inside. If we were to just throw the pieces into the pan without pre-cooking them, you’d have a beautiful, crispy and browned exterior and a hard, uncooked and unpleasant interior. Gross.

So, cook your potatoes until they are just about cooked all the way through. Once mine started to simmer, I set a timer for 10 minutes. Once my timer went off, I strained them out and spread them on to a paper towel to dry them off the best I could.

Out of the wash and on to the dry!

Next up, cover the bottom of a large skillet with olive oil. Don’t skimp out on this! you want a good even layer of oil to help your potatoes brown.

I could have used even more oil…

Get your heat to medium high and toss in your chopped up potatoes. Cook them however long it takes to develop a nice, golden brown crust. I like to let them sit for a few minutes without moving them and then give them a stir. Patience is key here. As long as you dried them off sufficiently and used enough oil, they will brown.


Now that your potatoes are basically done, first you need to check your seasoning. Do they need salt and pepper? Probably! Go ahead and season them up before you dump in your leftovers, which is our next step!

The leftovers I had were and egg roll filling mix consisting of onions, carrots, cabbage and ground turkey with a bunch of other seasonings.

Now we’re talking!

You can literally use ANY leftovers you want for this. Fish? Sure! Spaghetti? I won’t judge you! Chili? Yes please! This is why I call this dish Anything Hash. Add anything from your fridge or pantry that you want!

Once your leftovers are added the goal is to get them heated through so they aren’t cold. Once that’s done, you’re ready to serve!

Some chopped, fresh parsley makes it look fancy!

I really hope that you give this a try. It is so easy to do and a really great way to freshen up leftovers and make yourself some tasty for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


We will see you again soon with more tips, tricks and money saving recipes. Stay safe out there!!

13 thoughts on “Anything Hash

  1. My mom made this from left over pot roast. It was so good! Thanks for bringing back the memory. I will definitely be making this recipe!

  2. I love this one!!
    I’m trying to be cognizant of not throwing food away since I can’t just pop out 3 times a day like I used to to restock…..and my family is not fond of leftovers but this is like a new meal so I might be able to trick them. Thanks!

  3. Great idea! I make hash out of leftover roasted beef and veggies. Hubs is the only one who eats it, so he has his own small cast iron skillet I bake it in for him.
    Crazy I never thought of doing it with any other foods!
    Kind of like this – have you ever made Shepherd’s pie out of leftovers?

  4. Love this! Our family does it a little backwards. We always have extra baked potatoes to make this the next day. Crispy potatoes, ham or sausage, cheese…ooooo, i am making myself hungry just typing this! Keep up the great blogging…love everything you guys do!

  5. Thanks for the tip on prepping the potatoes! I am a self taught cook and love to learn tips from great cooks! Wonderful of you to share these hints that make all the difference!! My only question is how does Mrs. Refashionista retain her model like figure!!!??

  6. Looks delish…I’ve done this with fried rice and eggs for breakfast….also, would it be possible to use a larger font??♥️

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