Chef & Pauper is Back!

Hello friends! It sure has been awhile and we have missed you greatly! Jillian and I started this blog as a way to spend more time together and as an experiment in money saving meals that are just as delicious, if not more delicious, than the recipes you see out there that you know deep down are way too expensive.

We are going to continue our dinner party challenges as well as provide simple and affordable recipes that anyone can make. We also want to provide tips and tricks you can use to make life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.

Another feature that we are going to launch is a “Cheep Vs. Steep” recipe section. We really want to show you how little difference there is between spending a little bit of money instead of a lot of money can still be beneficial, and most importantly, delicious! Of course, this will also be an opportunity for us all to learn when it might be a good idea to spend a little more if necessary.

So, stay tuned everyone! We we really hope that you enjoy the content that we have planned for you in the coming days. It is so great to be back!

Hello friends!

16 thoughts on “Chef & Pauper is Back!

  1. Hurrah! This is exactly what we need right now while staying home and cooking EVERY meal ourselves! (Some of the food I’ve been making seems to be lacking inspiration AND those really exotic ingredients too!)

  2. This is a VERY pleasant surprise!!
    Looking forward to hearing your ideas, recipes and suggestions. Always looking for ideas on how to
    economically eat tasty and well!
    Wishing you Brian, and Jillian continuing excellent health.
    For us all, this is “ just what the Dr ordered!”
    Bon Appetit!
    Best, Jillian ( Melbourne, Australia )

  3. So glad to see this! We are now actually cooking at home with minimal pick up dinners so we can use ideas and help! Our goal is to prepare dishes with the food we are able to get and plan leftovers, not wasting what’s in the fridge!

  4. So glad this is back. I enjoyed what you had started with this blog, and I look forward to seeing what is to come.

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